God of the Nations – Sunday @5 video devotional/greeting

This week the Dallas “Sunday at Five” monthly worship gathering celebrates its first anniversary. This video devotional, which was filmed Wednesday and aired at the event Feb. 27th, looks at the God of the Nations, and how He created the peoples of the world, so that all might find and worship Him.

Our daughter Briana makes a few cameo appearances in the background, as she played in the snow while we filmed it.

Sunday at Five video devotional

“A cleansed temple is a place of fruitful ministry.” Here is the video devotional from the DFW Sunday at Five June 6, 2010. It looks at Luke 19 and Jesus’ cleansing of the temple, making it a place of fruitful ministry, and how that relates to us and His ability to purify us for His glory in the lives of those people we meet.
It is also a sort of “object lesson” looking at a church where they turned their temple into a “den of thieves.”
If, after viewing this six-minute video devotional, you would like to study the passage covered more deeply, you can listen to the full-length audio sermon I preached on the passage earlier this year by clicking here.

If the video above will not play on your computer, you can also see another version of it on YouTube here:

SonDay @ Five

Here is my video devotional from last night’s Sunday at Five in Dallas. It looks at John the Baptist, and how we can be used of God to prepare the way into people’s hearts for Christ to come in.

If you have trouble playing the video in this format on your computer (particularly for macs), it is also available in another format now on YouTube here.

Sunday at Five videos

Here are couple of brief videos from the special time of worship in Dallas this past Sunday evening, at “Sunday @ 5” a new monthly gathering of people from the DFW area gathering to glorify God in worship. It was a blessed time, and those in the Dallas area will be blessed, I believe, if they attend the next one March 7. If you’d like details, write me and I’ll pass the info along.