Evolution vs. God Documentary video

The Evolution vs. God documentary from Ray Comfort has been released. (Spoiler alert: God wins in a knockout.)

Watching it was like a flashback to my days in high school and college, when my professors also couldn’t answer a plea for some evidence that evolution might have happened, just demanded I believe it.  Excellent video. Unfortunately, most atheists and believers in evolution will be afraid to watch it, because they don’t have any evidence to back up their beliefs either.

I also especially liked that this video did not cloud the issue of the gospel with the call to “turn from your sins,” which distorts what the gospel’s call is.  Ray Comfort’s materials have often said that phrase, and like “Ask Jesus into your heart,” it is a phrase that keeps people from understanding the gospel.  We don’t ask Jesus into our hearts, and we don’t turn from our sins.  We trust in Christ and His death in our place on the cross and His resurrection to save us.


Creation vs evolution

Earlier this summer, we did a four-part series at the church on Genesis 1-2, looking at Creation and how the Bible stands strong, being backed up even by the scientific evidence, which is conspicuously lacking in the evolutionary atheist camp.  It was probably the most well-received Bible study series I’ve taught in the past year.  You can listen to the series here, also followed by a link to a gospel study from Genesis 3-4.

Genesis 1a– Creation and the big bang

Genesis 1b-Creation of life

Genesis 2a-Creation of humanity, a closer look

Genesis 2b–Creation of marriage and family

Genesis 3-4 “The first family and sin”

The entire series is in English and Romanian.