Worship video from church in Cluj, Romania – 11 July 2010

Here are two videos from the worship service at the church in Cluj from last Sunday, when we introduced several songs that are new to our church for corporate worship. The videos include some praise songs popularized by the Fratii de la Toflea (Brothers from Toflea).
Part 1 — Songs “Vreau sa Iti Cant,” “Cine se increde in Domnul” and “Glorie Tie Doamne”

Part 2 — A medley including “Esti Pregatit sa Pleci,” “Mare Dumnezeu Avem,” “Suntem o familia,” and others.

You’ll enjoy the videos all the more if you play them full screen by clicking the arrows in the bottom right corner of the player screen and in HD by clicking on the HD icon. Blessings to you.