“Lordship Salvation” pt 2

Spurgeon in his highly recommendable book “All of Grace” tells the story of a young pastor going to visit a very poor widow to give her a gift of money. He knocked at her door and there was no answer. Seeing her in church the next Sunday, the pastor told her he had come to give her the gift, but she wasn’t home. Realizing when he had come, she answered, “No. Actually I was there. But I thought you were the landlord coming to collect rent, and I had no money, so I hid.” When we preach “Turn from your sins and be saved,” honest hearts who would be saved if they heard the true gospel say to themselves, “I cannot turn from my sins. I am bogged down in sins. God is apparently requiring of me a debt I cannot pay.” And so they turn off the preacher’s voice and continue in sin and shame. Spurgeon rightly then tells the listener that yes, you have sinned, and God has come not to make you pay for it, but to announce to you His free gift that your debt has already been paid.

This by the way, was a paraphrase of Spurgeon, not a quote. I don’t have the book in front of me at the moment. But it’s just 99 cents if you have a kindle, and you will be very glad you read it.

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Galatians 2:11-21 Lordship Salvation?

Are we saved by grace alone received through faith alone in Christ alone?

Or are we saved by coming to Jesus, bowing at His feet, confessing Him as Lord, and committing to turn from our sins and follow Him, so that He as Lord will then become our Savior and forgive our past sins?

Last Sunday’s message at the church in Cluj looked at that issue through Paul’s teaching in Galatians 2.  You can listen to the recording, in English and Romanian at the link to the church site here.

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This is something every evangelist and preacher should read

An article on “What is the whole gospel?”

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The solution to America’s economic crisis

Here’s something that would solve the national debt and economy problems of the US, if only it could be tried: Go back in time and let live the 30 million Americans who would be between age 20 and 40 today if they hadn’t been aborted. Their presence in the work force as taxpayers, producers, and consumers would make Social Security and Medicare solvent for the generation that aborted them, as well as keeping economic growth going even through down times.
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Bill Nye’s Science Lies – exposed

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You CANNOT live out the gospel.

It is a message, not a lifestyle.  And it is a message about Christ, not about you.  2Rd2WiYyDxs

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Our new church website

Here‘s where you can find our new church website (in Romanian).


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