Photos of our caroling evangelism team

The team is spending four evenings caroling outdoors, at the city hall, at a home for the elderly, and at a local orphanage. Hundreds are having the gospel shared with them along with hearing Christmas music.

Click the link below to see the pictures on our church website.

Echipa de colinde.


Evolution vs. God Documentary video

The Evolution vs. God documentary from Ray Comfort has been released. (Spoiler alert: God wins in a knockout.)

Watching it was like a flashback to my days in high school and college, when my professors also couldn’t answer a plea for some evidence that evolution might have happened, just demanded I believe it.  Excellent video. Unfortunately, most atheists and believers in evolution will be afraid to watch it, because they don’t have any evidence to back up their beliefs either.

I also especially liked that this video did not cloud the issue of the gospel with the call to “turn from your sins,” which distorts what the gospel’s call is.  Ray Comfort’s materials have often said that phrase, and like “Ask Jesus into your heart,” it is a phrase that keeps people from understanding the gospel.  We don’t ask Jesus into our hearts, and we don’t turn from our sins.  We trust in Christ and His death in our place on the cross and His resurrection to save us.


“Lordship Salvation” pt 3 – response to Paul Washer

In one of many messages from Paul Washer making the rounds online, Washer, one of the boldest proponents of lordship salvation, takes an Old Testament passage in which God scolds His people for bringing unworthy sacrifices to His temple, since if they had an injured or inferior animal that wasn’t of as much use to them, they would bring it as a sacrifice.  By doing so, they showed they didn’t understand the need of a perfect sacrifice to cover their sins. But from that passage, Washer surmised that in this age, to be acceptable to God, we must come to Him with perfect, holy worship and make a right sacrifice of our works upon the altar, or else He will reject us for our sins.
Wrong, Paul Washer. Wrong, wrong, wrong.  What that passage teaches us is that our sins require a price to be paid for us in the form of a perfect sacrifice. And man’s good works, not just in NT grace dispensationalism, but from the beginning (have a look at Genesis and the story of Cain and Abel for example)– our good works are an unacceptable sacrifice.
So Christ came.  He lived a perfect, holy, sinless life in our place, which we couldn’t do.  Then, under the law and because of its requirement that the Passover sacrifice be sequestered and examined for a week to see that it be found perfect, Jesus presented Himself for a week at the temple.  He entered Jerusalem riding on a donkey as prophesied.  Then before God, moneychangers, Pharisees, Saducees, scribes, priests, and normal everyday people, He taught and let one group after another examine Him with good questions and bad, and was shown to be a perfect sinless sacrifice, whom the high priest would proclaim should die for all the people.
Then as that perfect sacrifice He did die, and rise again to save us. God the Father accepted His sacrifice, and will turn no one away for what Washer perceives as that sacrifice’s insufficiency.  “All that the Father gives to Me will come to Me, and he who comes to Me I will no-wise cast out.”
Washer’s message also proclaimed this unconscionable misguided statement in response to those who say we are saved by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone: “Jesus only offers you two things–a cross to die on and eternal life in return.”
Horrible. Heresy.  Tear-your-clothes-in-mourning blasphemy.  This is the kind of thing that should get a teacher banned from the pulpit.  I’ve never heard an atheist belittle the cross of Christ and its efficacy more.
Here is what Jesus offers, and in fact offers to sinners worthy of hell who have not and cannot clean themselves up: (Not an exhaustive list) 1)
Eternal life (not earned by taking up a cross and following Him) 2) Deliverance from God’s just wrath in hell 3) Complete security that they will not be condemned but have passed from death to life 4) Forgiveness of sins 5) Cleansing of sins, past, present, and future 6) Justification (being declared righteous in spite of our sin) 7) Entrance into His kingdom and the privilege of serving Him for the glory of God and the salvation of others 8) Adoption as sons of God even though we were His enemies 9) Angels to protect us 10) Access to throne of grace to find help and mercy when we pray in every situation and circumstance 11) Not just life, but abundant life 12) Deliverance from sin 13) Deliverance from the power of Satan to God 14) Our eyes being opened that we might see 15) The beginning of a process of growth & sanctification and a promise that He will continue that work to completion 16) A hope that will not disappoint of glory in heaven, an end to sin and the sin nature, a glorified body that does not sin or want to, that does not get sick, get old, or die, and in a place where there will be no more death, no more sorrow, no more crying.  All of these things and more are unearned, but received as a free gift at the expense of Jesus Christ alone.  And He comes to us first not as Lord and Judge but as Savior.  “For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.” The passage goes on to say that this salvation is given to all who believe. 

“Lordship Salvation” pt 2

Spurgeon in his highly recommendable book “All of Grace” tells the story of a young pastor going to visit a very poor widow to give her a gift of money. He knocked at her door and there was no answer. Seeing her in church the next Sunday, the pastor told her he had come to give her the gift, but she wasn’t home. Realizing when he had come, she answered, “No. Actually I was there. But I thought you were the landlord coming to collect rent, and I had no money, so I hid.” When we preach “Turn from your sins and be saved,” honest hearts who would be saved if they heard the true gospel say to themselves, “I cannot turn from my sins. I am bogged down in sins. God is apparently requiring of me a debt I cannot pay.” And so they turn off the preacher’s voice and continue in sin and shame. Spurgeon rightly then tells the listener that yes, you have sinned, and God has come not to make you pay for it, but to announce to you His free gift that your debt has already been paid.

This by the way, was a paraphrase of Spurgeon, not a quote. I don’t have the book in front of me at the moment. But it’s just 99 cents if you have a kindle, and you will be very glad you read it.

Galatians 2:11-21 Lordship Salvation?

Are we saved by grace alone received through faith alone in Christ alone?

Or are we saved by coming to Jesus, bowing at His feet, confessing Him as Lord, and committing to turn from our sins and follow Him, so that He as Lord will then become our Savior and forgive our past sins?

Last Sunday’s message at the church in Cluj looked at that issue through Paul’s teaching in Galatians 2.  You can listen to the recording, in English and Romanian at the link to the church site here.