Galatians 2:11-21 Lordship Salvation?

Are we saved by grace alone received through faith alone in Christ alone?

Or are we saved by coming to Jesus, bowing at His feet, confessing Him as Lord, and committing to turn from our sins and follow Him, so that He as Lord will then become our Savior and forgive our past sins?

Last Sunday’s message at the church in Cluj looked at that issue through Paul’s teaching in Galatians 2.  You can listen to the recording, in English and Romanian at the link to the church site here.

Calvary Chapels of Cluj celebrate Good Friday/Easter together

Calvary Chapel Cluj, and Biserica Logos (which I pastor) are the two Calvary Chapel fellowships in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. They joined together this year for a communion/worship time on Good Friday and for celebration of the Resurrection on Easter Sunday morning, with one gathering in each location. This video shows brief clips of both gatherings in a montage.
Calvary Chapels of Cluj in joint holiday services

Christmas Caroling Video

Our church in Cluj, Romania has a Christmas caroling team going out in the city every evening this week to sing about the coming of Christ into the world and share the gospel with people. Here’s a clip of some of that ministry that took place this evening at the city hall.

New Romanian worship song

Here’s a video of a new original worship song from our church in Cluj, Romania. Words and an English translation appear below.

Doamne, Tu esti bun, si-ndurarea Ta tine in veci
Lord, You are good, and Your mercy endures forever
Doamne, Tu esti drept, si-n dreptatea Ta pacatu-mi ierti
Lord, You are just, but in Your justice, You forgive my sins.
Doamne, Tu esti sfant, tot pamantul e plin de slava Ta
Lord, You are holy, the whole earth is full of Your glory
Aleluia, Aleluia, Aleluia, Aleluia, tot pamantul e plin de slava Ta
Hallelujah…. the whole earth is full of Your glory

They’re in our building

Mormon missionaries from America are starting to meet with people in the apartment building where we live in Cluj, Romania. So we’re trying to protect our neighbors, by distributing a brief document warning them about who the LDS missionaries actually are and what they believe. You can read the document we’re giving out here, or read it in English by clicking here.

God of the Nations – Sunday @5 video devotional/greeting

This week the Dallas “Sunday at Five” monthly worship gathering celebrates its first anniversary. This video devotional, which was filmed Wednesday and aired at the event Feb. 27th, looks at the God of the Nations, and how He created the peoples of the world, so that all might find and worship Him.

Our daughter Briana makes a few cameo appearances in the background, as she played in the snow while we filmed it.