New Romanian worship song

Here’s a video of a new original worship song from our church in Cluj, Romania. Words and an English translation appear below.

Doamne, Tu esti bun, si-ndurarea Ta tine in veci
Lord, You are good, and Your mercy endures forever
Doamne, Tu esti drept, si-n dreptatea Ta pacatu-mi ierti
Lord, You are just, but in Your justice, You forgive my sins.
Doamne, Tu esti sfant, tot pamantul e plin de slava Ta
Lord, You are holy, the whole earth is full of Your glory
Aleluia, Aleluia, Aleluia, Aleluia, tot pamantul e plin de slava Ta
Hallelujah…. the whole earth is full of Your glory

What is Your Passion in Life? Do you serve a worthy master?

What is your passion in life? A passion for many things enslaves us to unworthy masters. A passion for Christ sets us free from being controlled by lesser things, and lets us become servants of a Master who earned that place in our lives, buying it at an infinite price. What’s more, He makes His servants shareholders in the glory that is coming to Him for all that He produces through our labor for Him.