Psalm 19 The Ways God Speaks – Sermon audio

God created a vast universe–for the purpose of making His glory known to you, so that you would seek Him and find Him, and enter into a relationship with Him that changes everything for you, for time and eternity. Today’s sermon at the church looks at that topic, through Psalm 19, as we continued our series of special Psalms for the summer. Click here to listen to the message, which is in English and Romanian.

Mormons waiting to worship the antichrist?

You may already be aware of the mormons’ belief that God is just a man like us who lived on another planet a life good enough to be exalted in power over this planet we live on. And because they don’t believe the blood of Jesus can cleanse us from all sin, they’ll still be here after the rapture. What will their response be to the antichrist then, when he fulfills scriptural prophecy setting himself up as God? Brigham Young’s sermon in the LDS church’s publication Journal of Discourses, vol. 11, might give you a clue. In it, Brigham says God is a, “holy and exalted man, a glorified, resurrected personage having a tangible body of flesh and bones…. If our Father and God should be disposed to walk through one of these aisles (at the Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah), we should not know him from one of the congregation. You would see a man.”

New messages – Sermon on the Mount and Psalm 143

I no longer make blog posts for each individual sermon (although you can see an index of all the recordings by clicking above on the Sermon Audio tab if you wish), but want to post here two of my recent messages that we saw the Lord move especially in the hearts of people who heard them. The first is a gospel-based message on the closing passages of the Sermon on the Mount, which you can hear at this link. The second was this past Sunday’s message on Psalm 143, a psalm that speaks to the heart of every believer who has been through struggles. Click here to listen to that one.