On May 21, carry on with your regular business

Harold Camping, the deceived deceiver who is saying Christ will rapture us next Saturday, has made false date-predictions of that before. I remember in September 1994 when one of his followers stopped me by a lake where I was walking in Scranton, PA, where I lived at the time. The man pretended to need help and to find out what time it was, just to get me to stop so he could give me the literature predicting the rapture was just days away. Then he went on and did the same routine to others nearby.

But the fact that Camping has been wrong before isn’t the biggest reason not to believe him. There are two rock-solid biblical reasons to reject his teaching and warn his followers. 1) Jesus assured us we would not know the day or hour of His return, and the entirety of the Bible presents the rapture as an event that will come as an unannounced surprise for which Christ’s followers may be ready, but cannot know when it will happen. 2) In addition to setting a false date for the rapture, Camping’s other teachings about Bible prophecy are down-right batty, and there is no way anyone could read the Scriptures and arrive at the conclusions he is teaching. For example, he says that five months after the rapture, next October, God is going to destroy the earth and the entire universe. That is nothing like what the Bible says will happen after the rapture, and no elementary-school level student of the Bible thinks it is.

The followers of Camping are a cult to be shunned. Don’t be afraid as a follower of Christ to reject what he says when someone brings up the possibility of the May 21 rapture.

One thought on “On May 21, carry on with your regular business

  1. On my twitter account, someone responded to this blog article by saying that Camping also teaches that Jesus and Michael the archangel are the same person.

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