God of the Nations – Sunday @5 video devotional/greeting

This week the Dallas “Sunday at Five” monthly worship gathering celebrates its first anniversary. This video devotional, which was filmed Wednesday and aired at the event Feb. 27th, looks at the God of the Nations, and how He created the peoples of the world, so that all might find and worship Him.

Our daughter Briana makes a few cameo appearances in the background, as she played in the snow while we filmed it.


About davebunnell

Missionaries doing evangelistic and pastoral work in Cluj, Romania, with Calvary Chapel missions. We have a daughter, Briana, 10.
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1 Response to God of the Nations – Sunday @5 video devotional/greeting

  1. davebunnell says:

    TSquare21, your comment posted on this video shows that someone has confused you spiritually. I hope and pray that you will find salvation. I encourage you to read the Bible, starting with the gospel of John. It will help you find Jesus for real. Do not listen to whoever told you that Acts 2:38 is the only source of truth about salvation in the scriptures, or to their false interpretation of what that verse means. Believe the gospel, which has been proclaimed to you.

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