God of the Nations – Sunday @5 video devotional/greeting

This week the Dallas “Sunday at Five” monthly worship gathering celebrates its first anniversary. This video devotional, which was filmed Wednesday and aired at the event Feb. 27th, looks at the God of the Nations, and how He created the peoples of the world, so that all might find and worship Him.

Our daughter Briana makes a few cameo appearances in the background, as she played in the snow while we filmed it.

Sexual Purity and Love

Tonight’s Bible study from 1 Thessalonians 4 looked at the touchy issue of God’s standards for our sex lives when we become followers of Christ. The audio recording of the study, which was taught to 16 single young adults who were in our home this evening, is available for your listening here, in English and Romanian.

New Full Audio Sermon Archive

Now there is an indexed archive of the 145+ recordings of my sermons and Bible teachings online. Lord-willing, the archive will continue to grow as I do more messages in the future. You can see the list and listen online to streaming audio messages here.

Resurrection & Ascension

Today’s message at the church was the conclusion of a study through the gospel of Luke, looking at Christ’s resurrection from the dead and His ascension into heaven, and why we can find hope and joy for the future in these events, and what God teaches us through them. The audio recording of the study, in English and Romanian, is available for your listening here.