Who are the real skeptics?

The belief that this universe and all that is in it came about by an unplanned, unguided, unintended explosion of absolutely nothing is the most irrational of superstitions out there. And those who believe it, despite the lack of a scintilla of evidence that it could have happened, have no right to don the label of “skeptic,” as today’s agnostics and atheists are so fond of doing. They are the most gullible of people.
If I were to tell my 5-year-old that everything in the world came out of nothing at all, and that no one made it happen, even she would have enough skepticism in her innocent little mind to not only doubt my words, but completely disbelieve them. Atheists aren’t skeptics. They are people who put their skepticism to death on the altar of desire to be free from sensing any accountability to God.

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