God is better

The reason we will be so abundantly blessed and filled with joy in eternity in heaven is because our whole existence will be centered around worship of Christ and enjoying His presence. The more we can allow our lives on earth to be like that, the more enjoyment of life we will have.
Problem is, we get so bogged down by other things that we think will be equally or more satisfying than fellowship with God. The biggest lesson I have learned in my own spiritual walk this year is how important in the fight against temptation to sin in our actions or our thought life is our realization that God is better. Fellowship with God really is better than wealth. It really is better than health. It really is better than comfort. It really is better than success. It really is better than others’ acceptance or honor. It really is better than the best foods, the most comfortable home, the most fun and exciting vacations, the most fulfilling jobs. It is better than being in charge. It is better than being talented or respected. Fellowship with God really is better than relief from pain and stress.
Fellowship with God is better than feeling good. It is better than satisfaction of sexual or other cravings. It is better than the joys we will receive, or believe we will receive, from taking any action of rebellion against Him or independence of Him.
Anything we do that decreases the closeness of our fellowship with God ultimately makes us less happy.
Because God is better.
Better than anything.
Better than everything.
Constantly reminding myself of that fact for the past month has actually made me more holy in my thoughts, words, and actions. The depths of my heart and mind are being transformed more into the likeness of Himself.
Because when I remember this truth, sin just isn’t nearly as tempting anymore.
God is better.
Glory to His Name!


About davebunnell

Missionaries doing evangelistic and pastoral work in Cluj, Romania, with Calvary Chapel missions. We have a daughter, Briana, 10.
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