Go Fish

Why Share the Gospel? 14 Biblical Motivations for Witnessing

1) For the glory of God – God is worthy of worship and praise, and evangelism will bring Him what He has earned on the cross.
See Psalm 96

2) To evangelize is to fight evil with the most effective weapon for doing so.
See Jonah 1:2

3) The lost world around us needs our witness, and waits for it in the storms of life, so that they may be spared God’s wrath—our witness being the means by which God has chosen to set them free.
See Jonah 1:7-11

4) Because even though you’ve failed in the past, you’re still called.
See Jonah 3:1-3a

5) Because sometimes a great harvest is awaiting you among the “least likely.”
See Jonah 3:5-10

6) To walk with God means to put aside our needs and share His sacrificial concerns for the lost.
See Jonah 4:10-11

7) Because of eternal reward He offers –
See Luke 19:11-26
Also note that every NT writer and almost every NT book holds out reward for a motivation to serve God well, and serving Him in evangelism is one way that is key to this reward. Jesus not only suggested we seek heavenly reward, but commanded us to.

8) Because of the needs you see and the compassion He gives you.
See Matthew 9:35-38

9) Because somehow, somewhere, you will have success.
See Mark 4:8; and Gal. 6:9

10) Because He protects you.
See Acts 26:16-18

11) Because He compels you.
See 1 Cor. 9:16; and Acts 4:18-20

12) Because He chooses, calls, and sends you.
See Acts 26:16-18

13) Because of all that the lost will receive after you proclaim Christ to them – a) open eyes, b) a turning from darkness to light, c) deliverance from Satan to God, d) forgiveness of sins, e) a place among us who are already His, f) sanctification, g) saving faith in Him-a relationship.
See Acts 26:16-18

14) Because it is a matter of obedience.
See Luke 5:5-6 –What God needs from us in evangelism isn’t our opinion or viewpoint; just our obedience to fish when and where He says, just because He says so.

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