Celebrity near misses – Who do you remind me of?

A note from the facebook wall of my father, Bob Bunnell, that is well worth a read:

My six years working front desk at the Motel brought me almost near to celebrities. Once a woman came who looked just like Jenifer Aniston. I greeted her and her husband and looked down at my computer to check them in and then in a double take looked right back up at her. She laughed and said, “Yes, I look like Jenifer Aniston; people tell me that all the time.” Her husband was not an imposing looking man, but I remembered that Jenifer Aniston used to be married to Brad Pitt so I asked him, “Do people ever mistake you for Brad Pitt?” He laughed and said no.

Another time a woman came in whose voice sounded exactly like Barbara Streisand with the same Eastern Accent. I said to her, “Your voice sounds exactly like Barbara Streisand; would you sing for me?” She said, “No.” I said, “Just sing, ‘people, people who need people are the luckiest people in the world’; just sing that much.” She said, “No, I can’t sing; I’m not going to sing!”

Once a man came in dressed to look like Elvis Presley and along with the Elvis wardrobe he had the thick black hair on the sides and top. Yet on his face he had an anxious look the whole time. His face said, “I want to look like Elvis Presley, but I don’t want to make a fool of myself.” His wife standing next to him had kind of an embarrassed look standing next to Elvis. Their daughter had a roll her eyes look that seemed to say, “I’m not really with this man.”

As I checked them in and gave them room keys still Elvis looked anxious not wanting to be seen as a clown. I said to him before they left, “Would you sing, ‘Don’t be Cruel’ for me? He smiled, his face lit up and he began strumming an imaginary guitar and launched into the song.

Gets me thinking Christians are to remind people of someone. We are to be Christlike. Our destiny is to be conformed to the image of Christ. We’ll have a glorified body like His one day and a sinless nature and we’ll be like Christ. Can people tell you are becoming more like Christ even in this life?

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