Does Mormonism Result in Good Morality, Citizenship, and Politics?

Several former mormons have shared this with me about their past religious affiliation: That mormon culture is one that is focused very strongly on putting up a false public front, as individuals, and as a church organization, in order to persuade people to become mormons. Could this sometimes be behind mormons’ desires to appear pro-America and pro-family in the public arena?
For an answer, let’s look at the actual morality behind mormon teaching to see where they really stand on issues that would be of importance to us as Christians.
On abortion: Mormon leaders in government, such as Sen. Orrin Hatch and presidential candidate Mitt Romney, tend to have histories of following the prevailing political winds and their party’s stands on this issue in the moment. This is probably because mormon teaching is that a person isn’t a person until birth, at which time the fetus receives a soul (due to their god having physical sexual relations with one of his harem of wives in order to create the soul for it. I hope the blasphemy of that claim isn’t lost on anyone.) So, mormons often view abortion as something not good, but they don’t believe it is killing an innocent human being. That’s why they don’t have the heart for standing against things like embryonic stem cell research that takes a life, and why they’re willing even to support abortion if it will get them elected (as it will in Massachusetts).
On marriage: They may be against homosexuality, but they are not pro-marriage. Mormon teaching still holds strongly to the belief in polygamy, and only the laws of the nation prevent them from practicing it (most of the time, anyway.) The goal of a mormon man, in fact, is to be so pleasing to the mormon’s god that he will receive an afterlife as a god of his own universe, with a harem of women to enjoy physically. (How is that really different from Allah’s offer? The true and living God “cannot be tempted by evil, nor does He tempt anyone.” But the gods of the Koran and Book of Mormon do play on a man’s sinful desires to tempt him to follow said gods.)
Do you see on these first two issues how messed up the mormon teaching is? Even the average secularist would call late-term abortion “murder” and frown on a man having several wives.
On Israel and the Jews: Mormon religion is very anti-semitic, and racist in general, teaching that only white-skinned gentiles are truly pleasing to their god. When it isn’t politically correct to air that belief, they won’t publicly do so, but the immoral beliefs in the heart will affect their actions in some ways. And Christians of the black race have a legitimate complaint against white Christians who ally themselves with mormons in the political arena. We as Christians should denounce racist belief, not overlook it.
On prayer and respect for God: They couldn’t be more off-base. They pray to what they call “the Heavenly Father” but they are referring to Adam. And they don’t have any respect for God. They teach He is just a man like us, and is evolving and gaining power, which we will do one day, too, if we’re white and righteous enough to earn it. They also teach that the god’s first two sons were Jesus and Lucifer. Lucifer wanted their god to be sovereign and control his creation so it would be good. Jesus wanted people to have free will. Jesus won that battle and now Lucifer is angry. (So they view sin as basically Jesus’ fault, since Lucifer would have made creation good.)
“You were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light.” The light in you and the darkness in mormon teachers have no fellowship with one another. Mormonism isn’t a denomination of Christianity. It is one of the world’s most evil blasphemies and heresies against it. Don’t let the fact that they know how to look like moral upstanding citizens trick you into following their lead.
Mormons, like all lost people, need to come to Christ and find forgiveness of sins and eternal life, through faith in Him and His sacrifice for them on the cross. In your individual life and relationships with them, tell them of God’s love and their need of salvation. But don’t try to reach them by joining them in the arena of politics. They aren’t your allies. They are the enemy’s captives. You won’t see them set free by patting them on the back for standing with you against the liberals and socialists.

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