Refreshing the Heart of God

“Like the cold of snow in the time of harvest is a faithful messenger to those who send him; he refreshes the soul of his masters.”
–Proverbs 25:13

In the oppressive heat of late summer, work in the fields under the sweltering sun can become all but unbearable. If you’ve experienced that before, you’ve probably known moments of daydreaming about how wonderful it would feel if for a moment you could have a breeze as cold as the winter air that brings snow. How refreshing that would be!
Solomon’s proverb above describes that refreshing as what it feels like to be a sender of a message, and to find the messenger was faithful to get the message through in a timely manner, accurately presented, to the people you have sent him.
So think about this: As followers of Christ, we have been sent by God with His message of reconciliation to the world of people who need Him.
Let’s be faithful messengers. Let’s make it our priority to go where He sends us, without delay or distraction. Let’s show up where He sends us in the time of His open door. Let’s be faithful to walk with Him in a way that makes us effective proclaimers of His word. Let’s be careful to proclaim it clearly, accurately, boldly, and in love. And let’s be faithful to open our lips to share the gospel every time He wants us to do so.
A faithful messenger refreshes the soul of the one who sent him. If you and I are faithful in the task we’ve been given to deliver His message, we can please God that way. Ask God today to make it the deepest desire of your heart to please Him so.

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