Today’s Outlook: Rainy with a chance of eternal life

Yes, it has rained all day today in Cluj, but we still did our park outreach, and God was still in it. As we sang songs of praise to Christ and handed out tracts, several people stayed to hear us play and sing in the rain, and five people made professions of faith in Christ. Praise the Lord!

Philippians Study Completed

Last night we completed our study through the book of Philippians. The audio recordings, in English and Romanian, are available for your listening online at the links below. Texts with an * in front of them are the “highlights – best of” studies. Hope you enjoy it.

Phil 1:1-6
Phil 1:7-14
Phil 1:15-30
*Phil 2:1-11
Phil 2:12-18
Phil 2:19-30
*Phil 3:1-3
Phil 3:3-16
Phil 3:17-4:3
*Phil 4:4-9 “Right Outlook”
Phil 4:10-23

* “highlights – best of” studies.

Outreaches this weekend

Lord-willing, this weekend, we have our first two big evangelistic outreaches of the summer. Saturday, the worship team and others will go to the city’s central park to do music, pass out tracts, and seek Divine appointments to share the gospel. Then Sunday, our church is joining with other ministries to do an outdoor public service to reach the gypsy population in the neighborhood where our church meets. Please pray for God to move mightily in these events, for the reaching of the lost and for the spiritual growth of young disciples who are new to public ministry. Please also pray for weather favorable to fruitful ministry, and for the weekly basketball outreach that is continuing on Fridays.
On another note, our friend Randy from Texas will be joining us in ministry this week. He flew out of Dallas this afternoon, and if all goes well, will arrive in Romania tomorrow afternoon.

Home fellowship update

Thursday we’ll finish the Philippians study before going on a hiatus to focus on summer outreaches. Afterward, Lord-willing, the next study will be on “God as He Longs for You to See Him” from the Chip Ingram book. I’ve never taught a study based on someone else’s writing, but that book’s teaching is so important I’m compelled to share it with the young disciples here in Cluj.