JW’s convenient misquotation of Scriptures

Just had a meeting with JW cult members. They misquoted a scripture, changing the words to make them match their theology. I asked them to show me where the Bible says that. They deferred, so I asked again. They didn’t again. Then finally I demanded they show me where the Bible says what they claimed, and they read a verse from the OT that they VERY loosely interpreted to be making the claim they had made with their fake quote. I asked them why they lied to us about what the Bible says to support their theology. They said they say what they do because the Holy Spirit guides them in their talk. Which made me angry. I said, “Don’t tell me that. The Holy Spirit did not make you lie to me about what the Bible says.” They were here a few minutes more, but the discussion was effectively over at that point.

2 thoughts on “JW’s convenient misquotation of Scriptures

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