Why false teachers don’t want you to read the Bible yourself

There is a reason why cults and apostate churches demand the right to “interpret” the scriptures for their followers–it is because no sane person could ever read the scriptures for himself or herself and arrive at the conclusions the false teachers want their people to believe.
From the Vatican’s teachings that there is a purgatory, and that Mary is the “mother of God” and a co-mediator with her Son between God and man, to the “Jehovah’s witnesses” claim that Jesus is a created being that started out as Michael the Archangel until he was given a body in Bethlehem, that he was killed on a stake, not a cross, and that God is not omnipresent but lives on a particular star in outer space, to the mormons’ assertion that Jesus and Satan are brothers in a cosmic battle of petty sibling rivalry, to the eastern orthodox tradition of baptizing horses, selling communion bread, and doing a divination ceremony for 1 year olds to predict their future–the only way such beliefs can ever take hold is if the leaders intentionally keep the followers ignorant of what the word of God says.
That’s why I have repeatedly instructed those who are hearing my teaching here in Cluj on Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays, that they are being held responsible by God to read the Bible for themselves, and to not accept anything that I tell them if they do not find it to be the clear, plain teaching of the Scriptures. While I do not ever want to be in error in my teaching, and I pray and study to try to prevent it, I have to say that if I am wrong in my teaching, it would be a very joyful moment in my life to have one of my disciples bring the Bible to show me the error of my ways. I would commend them publicly and suggest everyone emulate their Berea-like spirit.
Another thought on a somewhat related note–I was thinking on the importance of obeying the scriptures’ admonition to not be too quick to “lay hands” on some young believer, ordaining him for leadership of ministry. The founder of the JW cult, which now has five million-plus members, started out his work as an 18-year-old who was given a Bible class to teach in New York. Another example–David Koresh of Waco, Texas, whose false claims to be the messiah led to the physical and spiritual deaths of many, also began his false “ministry” as a youth, when he was given an adult Sunday school class to teach in an evangelical church.

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