A Burning Bush Behind Bars

This is a very special report that will bless you to read, from my co-pastor Liviu, who leads a weekly prison ministry, about what marvelous things God did last week.

The 3rd chapter of the book of Exodus tells us about the unforgettable encounter of Moses with God. God called Moses from a burning bush, which wasn’t consumed. After this meeting, Moses’ life was going to be changed forever, as a servant of the living God.

On Thursday, 22nd of April 2010, God used another Burning Bush to change the lives of about 60 people, inmates in the Aiud Penitentiary. Burning Bush Church is a Gypsy Church in the South East of Romania.
The story of this Church is amazing. After the 1989 Romanian Revolution, a Gypsy from this village, Toflea, left Romania for Germany. There, he heard the Gospel and became a born again Christian. With a new heart, he came back to Romania and started to share the gospel with his family and friends. His life was a living testimony to the grace of God. In a few years in Toflea, God brought an amazing revival. Today the Burning Bush Church has about 3,500 members and 2,500 children. The revival is authentic and you could see this looking at their lives. They study the Bible; love the Lord; pray, worship with passion; and travel all over the country to share the Gospel of grace, especially in gypsy communities. Last year, I invited them to join us in an outreach in a Gypsy Village close to Cluj. The Lord used them amazingly, as part of the message and some songs were in the Gypsy language. At that meeting the Lord put the desire in my heart to invite them to the prison where I serve weekly and organize a meeting for Gypsy inmates.
By the grace of God, last week the meeting took place. The pastor of the Burning Bush Church, Dumitru Ion (Onita), together with 22 singers from Toflea, joined our Rescue team in the fight to win souls for the Kingdom of God. The Holy Spirit used their famous songs to prepare the field for sowing the word of God, which was preached with power and passion by pastor Onita.

Looking at chapter 5 of Mark, he talked to the inmates about the healing, but above that, about the salvation of the man from Gadarenes, a man with an evil spirit. The man changed after his personal encounter with Jesus Christ.
Convinced that only the Lord Jesus can save them, forgive their sins and offer them a new chance and direction in life, all the participants knelt down, and they were prayed for, for the salvation of their souls. There were many tears of repentance and sincere prayers were lifted, asking for the mercy and grace of Jesus. Towards the end of the message, the participants were encouraged to follow the example of the man from Gadarenes and when they go back to their cells, to tell the others what the Lord has done for them and about His grace and mercy. (Mark 5:19).
We had a time of personal prayer with each one and again a time of worship. Every inmate that didn’t already have a Bible received one.

The meeting was video-recorded by an officer, and he said that will put it on their internal television to be watched in every cell. The officer was so touched by the meeting than he said that was the best day of his entire service in prison. We need to pray for this man because I am sure that God spoke to him.
The Christian Television recorded the meeting from the back and did some interviews at the end. The inmates didn’t mind his recording, praise the Lord.

I asked the brothers from Toflea to go again to the gypsy village, and they said that we must soon plan another outreach there. I hope that I will build a relationship with them and have more activities together.
I have great time every Thursday at prison sharing and studying the Gospel, but so far this Thursday was special. Praise the Lord for everything.

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