Easy to Prove a Negative

Okay, so if you’ve debated atheists long enough, you’ve several times heard them whine about how you’re being unfair in the debate by requiring them to provide evidence for their beliefs, because, as they like to put it, “you can’t prove a negative” or “you can’t prove something DOESN’T exist.”
It’s nonsense, though. It is actually quite easy to prove a negative assertion, if that negative assertion is true. I wouldn’t break an intellectual sweat trying to sufficiently prove to you that there is no pink elephant sitting on my couch, there is no person on earth who is 40 feet tall, or that there is no Santa Claus or Easter bunny. It would be easy to find empirical evidence sufficient to persuade all but the most delusional of people that those negative assertions are entirely true, and not just provable, but proven.
The atheist’s problem isn’t that he is helplessly painted into a corner trying to defend a negative assertion–the non-existence of someone. His problem is that his negative assertion not only lacks supporting evidence, but is at odds with an infinite amount of evidence to the contrary. His problem is that the reason he cannot prove God isn’t there, is that he is simply wrong.

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