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A Burning Bush Behind Bars

This is a very special report that will bless you to read, from my co-pastor Liviu, who leads a weekly prison ministry, about what marvelous things God did last week. The 3rd chapter of the book of Exodus tells us … Continue reading

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A cleansed temple is a place of fruitful ministry

Today we looked at church at the last part of Luke 19, about Jesus’ cleansing of the temple, and the fruitful ministry that resulted from it. We also applied that to our individual lives and what we need Him to … Continue reading

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Don’t honor “mother earth” — it’s full of His Glory

Romans 1:18-25 gives a biblical perspective on the veneration of the planet this “Earth Day”: “For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what … Continue reading

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So laughworthy, these atheists

So, now there is a group of atheists in America petitioning for the “National Day of Prayer” to be replaced with a “National Day of Reason.” How silly. Atheism is the most illogical, unreasoned belief system in the world and … Continue reading

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Chris Tomlin — “Jesus Messiah” Name above all names

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Philippians Study

Last night at the home fellowship, we began a study through the book of Philippians. That study of the opening verses of the book can be heard in streaming audio by clicking here. The study is in English and Romanian, … Continue reading

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Easy to Prove a Negative

Okay, so if you’ve debated atheists long enough, you’ve several times heard them whine about how you’re being unfair in the debate by requiring them to provide evidence for their beliefs, because, as they like to put it, “you can’t … Continue reading

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