A friend in Haiti writes… ‘you always hear wailing in the distance’

Our church in Garland has a missions team that arrived in Haiti last evening. The trip had been planned before the earthquake, by a God who already knew it was coming. So the team isn’t doing the same kind of ministry they thought they would when they answered the call to go.
Here is what our friend Jeremy has written about the trip so far–it gives a view of what it is like and how to pray for God’s servants there.

Last night:
My #1 assesment is apocalyptic the devastation is vast as an ocean. The unity is strong among our 3 man team, which is good, because we are being stretched beyond anything we could have imagined. We have already 2nd guessed our being here, because of the immensity of the challenges these people face. But I believe this will drive us deeper in our trust of the Lord. We will have 2 trust Him more than we ever did before and we will be tested like never before. This is a desperate dangerous place. Yet God is on the throne and there’s no place I would rather be. He called us here 2 b stretched and refined and 2 b light in this place. I pray we can live up 2 it. When we are weak, He is strong. He will see us thru.

Update 2 early this morning:

Just experienced our 1st aftershock! Crazy ! This city never sleeps! Dogs forever barking and roosters constantly crowing , seems like u are always hearing a wailing in the distance. Don’t see how anyone could ever rest. This is challenging, but i know God will see us through. We will have 2 find our rest in him.

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