The Irrational Atheist

Here is another nice book about how silly the atheists’ views are in an age when people think they should just be polite and pretend atheism is an intellectually tenable position just to get along.
But when Richard Dawkins is held up as “logical” when he repeatedly claims that the mountains of evidence of our lives’ being created by design means that some other alien planet’s people made us after they evolved out of nothing, it is time for us Christians to be at least as honest as we are polite. It is simply not speaking the truth to describe atheism as anything but utter foolishness. It is not my goal to hurt the feelings of the atheists who are writing me one hysterical letter after another about my posts here yesterday, nor to annoy them by my “censorship” in not publishing their comments on my blog; but if they are hurt by the truth, and by the shaking of their faith with logic, that is ultimately better than just being silent and letting them continue to plug their ears to reality and assure themselves that “day is night and night is day, up is down and down is up, and God isn’t real and won’t judge me because I’m a big boy now and deserve to do what I want without having to fear any consequences, so those people who warn me about God and eternity should just leave me alone!”

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