The Atheist’s Lie

Pretty often, including one instance today, when atheists write me in response to things I’ve written or said on this blog or elsewhere, and when they are forced to admit that disproving God’s existence would be a lost cause for them, they resort to telling me that they just can’t believe in God because of “the lack of evidence” that He is there. Now, they aren’t just ignoring the obvious fact that the evidence of the reality of God is both infinite and omnipresent. They are also asking me to believe that they are people who intellectually demand evidence of something before they will believe in it. That, though, is simply a lie. They are lying to themselves, and to me, when they tell me they want evidence of something before they will believe it. Because, to a fault, they all believe in things like: 1) The Big Bang Theory; 2) The evolution of species; 3) Humanity descending from ancestors in the animal kingdom; 4) The earth’s presence for billions of years prior to lifeforms being on it; 5) the continents of the earth having separated from what was originally one land mass; 6) the moon having originally been a piece of the earth that spun off from it millions of years ago, and other such things. And there is not now, nor has there ever been, any evidence at all that any of those things are true. They have accepted all of those beliefs on faith alone. They want me to believe that they don’t believe in God because they “can’t” instead of just that they “won’t.” But I don’t believe them. Because there is also no evidence of their skepticism. They gullibly believe any ideas their atheist forerunners invented to explain the origins of the universe and of life, regardless of how unfounded those beliefs are.

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