The Atheist’s Delusion

Here’s a brief excerpt of James Spiegel’s new book The Making of an Atheist. (I haven’t read the book, but intend to–just found this in an introduction that you can read online here.)

“The truth is that atheism is profoundly false. It is a misconstrual of reality at the most basic level. So it is no surprise that atheism has given rise to such harmful ideologies as Marxism and nihilism. But perhaps most tragic of all is how deeply irrational atheism is— a form of irrationality that itself almost defies comprehension. The reality of God is manifest all around us, from the unimaginable vastness of our universe, with its hundreds of billions of galaxies, to the breathtakingly complex micro-universe of individual cells to the elaborate machinations in animal and plant physiologies and the diverse ecosystems they comprise. To this list we could also add the phenomena of human consciousness, moral truths, the existence of beauty, mystical religious encounters, miraculous occurrences, and fulfilled biblical prophecies.
To miss the divine import of any one of these aspects of God’s creation is to flout reason itself. Yet this is precisely what atheists do, and it points to the fact that other factors give rise to the denial of God. Atheism
is not the result of objective assessment of evidence, but of stubborn disobedience; it does not arise from the careful application of reason but from willful rebellion. Atheism is the suppression of truth by wickedness, the cognitive consequence of immorality. In short, it is sin that is the mother of unbelief.”

One thought on “The Atheist’s Delusion

  1. One atheist wrote me a note, unwittingly proving the quoted author’s point that atheists are delusional, by calling the Bible a book of fairy tales and equating belief in the Creator God with belief in Zeus. You see, if you believe in Yahweh, these people think you are nuts like someone would be to believe in Zeus–that’s delusional.

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