Absolute Proof of God

No one ever painted this picture--it is self-existent

The painting pictured above hangs on a wall in our home. And I have something surprising to tell you about it: No one ever painted it. It just came into existence by itself. There was no paint, no canvass, and most importantly, no painter. No one conceived the idea of what would be in the picture, and no one ever performed the action of making it. One day, the painting wasn’t, and over much time, somehow, it was.
Do you believe me?
Of course you don’t. Because what I have just told you is beyond ridiculous. You are absolutely certain that what I told you is a lie, and you are absolutely correct to be certain of that conclusion. Because you can see that the painting exists. And you know that means there was a painter. You see, this painting’s existence is not just evidence that there might have been a painter. It is absolute, undeniable proof that there was a painter. It would take a lunatic to believe that this painting might not have had a painter. Because that idea is infinitely foolish.
Likewise, you and the universe in which you live are not just evidence that there might be an intelligent Designer and Creator. They are absolute, undeniable proof that there is a Creator. Those who say they are sure God isn’t there are defending a belief system that is intellectually untenable. The non-existence of God is not even a possibility. In those moments when you doubt His existence, you are not being intellectual, and not following where the scientific evidence leads. You’re just having an emotional response to something inside of you that struggles with issues of who God is.
Maybe it’s your bad experiences with religion, which wouldn’t be surprising, because there is a lot more bad religion than good in the world. Or maybe it is your personal life, and how it hasn’t gone the way a god of your liking would have let it go. Or maybe it’s something else.
But whatever you choose to believe about God, you can be certain of this: He is there, and He is real. There simply isn’t any other possibility. Our existence is absolute proof that we were made, not just evidence that we might have been made. It would be foolish to believe those who have told you otherwise.
Once you have established for yourself the certainty that there is a God, because there simply cannot be any other logical explanation for your existence, then you have to begin a search for finding who He is, and why He made you. Millions have found the Bible a reliable source of the answers to those all-important questions, and many of those who know the Bible best will suggest you begin with the New Testament’s gospel of John

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