Nonsense about God

I have a file on my computer that I call “Nonsense About God” a collection of unbiblical silly things people who don’t know God say about Him, that I keep just to make myself laugh and also to examine what the human nature expects a God they make in their own image to be. This helps me preach the true gospel in a way that the misled can understand. The facebook application “On this day, God wants you to know…” is going to quickly overflow my “nonsense about God” file, because each day it has a new thought about God that is ridiculous. For example, here is one from this week, “God wants you to know that the answers are within you. You’re chasing in the wrong field. What you are looking for is inside of you, not ‘out there’. Take a few days off to become quiet and look within, and you will find it.”

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