New worship song/our church’s team

For those who would like to see our church’s worship service, here is a clip from Sunday Sept 27’s service. The church is singing a brand new worship song written the week before by Ajay Torres, who ministered here with us for three weeks last month. The words in Romanian and English for the song, “Meriti Toata Slava” (You Deserve All the Glory), are printed below so that English speakers can know what is being sung.

Lyrics in English:
I want to give You my praise
I want to give all my worship to You
I want to give my whole life to You
For You gave Your life for me

You deserve all the glory
All honor belongs to You
All the world can know my love
I lift up my hands to You

Lyrics in Romanian
Vreau să-Ți dau lauda mea
Vreau să mă-nchin numai Ție
Vreau toată viața mea să Ți-o dau
Căci Tu mi-ai dat-o pe-a Ta

Tu mi-ai dat-o pe-a Ta
Meriți toată slava
Cinstea toată e-a Ta
Toți pot vedea iubirea mea
Mâinile Ție le ridic

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