Preaching to those in chains

We’ve returned from the men’s penitentiary in Aiud, after holding meetings for two sets of prisoners there today. Ajay did Christian worship music about a relationship with the Lord and seeking His presence, and the men were very happy he was there and listening to him with smiles. Between songs, at each meeting I preached a gospel message, one from Luke 23 for the first group and one from John 4 for the second group. All of the men were at the very least respectful and listening to the word being proclaimed, and some had a very favorable response to the invitation to trust Christ as their Savior. An ongoing open door for ministry remains open for our church there, and Liviu will continue to minister there at least once per week, as he did in the past and has been doing again for the past month, while I will also go on occasions when my schedule allows to teach God’s word there. Several also signed up for a mail correspondence course in basic Bible study.
Another possible door may be opening for outreach to a maximum security facility elsewhere.
Please pray for God’s blessing, guidance, and provision for our church’s work to make disciples of Christ among those in prison.

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