Like bananas? You’re an ape–university logic

A youtube video that I’m not linking to because some language in it is offensive, had a situation where a Creation Science writer had offered a quarter million dollars for verifiable evidence that evolution was true. Also on the show with him was an evolutionary scientist, who ranted and complained that the reason the host of the program had failed to win the money was because the creation scientists set the standard of proof unreasonably high.
The evidence that the host had just provided in order to demand payment of the money was this (you be the judge):
Host: Do you ever eat bananas?
Creation Scientist: Yes, of course.
Host: Pay up.
The host was a comedian who was playing a character and was joking.
The university professor who responded immediately by complaining that the Creation Scientist hadn’t ever given the money to anyone because he set the standard of proof unreasonably high was serious. As the interview continued, he didn’t even make any attempt to provide a piece of evidence for evolution, though.

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