For what will I stand?

There are many things in this world a man could take a stand and fight for: a political party, a philosophy, his own rights and the rights of others to be free. The list goes on, and even contains wicked things, such as those who fight for false belief systems: atheism, islam, vaticanism and the teachings of various cults. Still others stand and fight for public acceptance of sin itself–homosexuality, abortion, pornography, and other immoralities. While others expend their energies fighting against those sins.
Every man who makes a difference, good or bad, in the world, is a man who takes a strong stand for something. And I’ve been asking myself lately how to choose my battles wisely so to be standing for what is really worthy of the fight.
My conclusion is this. I won’t fight for myself, for my rights, for my political philosophy, or for other temporal things anymore. When a battle rises up against me personally, I will, by the grace of God, let Him take up the fight in my place. I’ve learned that as long as I refuse to fight in my own defense, He does not refuse to do so; and He never knows defeat.
But what will I stand for?
“I am not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ, for it is the power of God unto salvation for all who believe.”
That gospel and the word of God. That is what my energies will be spent fighting for; and false teachings that lead people away from salvation, even if they do so by leading them to religion, will be what I stand against. I’m withdrawing from now on from the political battles of this life that do not affect the spiritual battle.
But for the gospel, I do contend, and will contend to the very end–even if that end be hastened by my contention.
Then my life will have been worth living.

One thought on “For what will I stand?

  1. I have been experiencing conviction on this very subject for sometime now. Especially with what has taken place in our country politically in the last year. Though it makes me angry to the core of my being I realize I do not have the power to change it. I also realize that God has allow what is happening in our country for reasons that I cannot fully understand though I have my suspicions why He is allowing it. I also realize that kingdoms of this world come and go and that the only kingdom that will endure is His kingdom and His is the only kingdom worth fighting for.

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