Witnesses of the Resurrection Weren’t Discredited

Here’s an excerpt of a message on 1 John 1 that I brought a couple years ago:

  Verse 1 “What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have observed, and have touched with our hands, concerning the Word of life—“
Sometimes people try to deny the truth of the Bible and the truth of Who Jesus is. They have a problem, though. The historical record of Christ, and the eyewitness testimony available from Christ’s contemporaries, make it hard for them to have any way to dispute the claims of Scripture.
Let me give you an example of why this is so. A man who lived in our building died yesterday, so right now, the common ritual of having his body lie there at the home for three days of viewing is going on. People are coming and seeing with their own eyes that he is dead.
Imagine I went out tomorrow morning and started telling people that this man has come back to life. And then I started to write a book claiming he has risen from the dead, as part of a plan in my mind to deceive people centuries into the future into believing this man had arisen.
Well, everyone around would denounce my message. They would go to the body and say, “Look. This man is dead. You can’t fool anyone.” The false record I was writing would be done away with, and I would be proven a fool and a liar. Not a single person would be crazy enough to believe my message or to stand with me in proclaiming it. And time would not improve my reputation or restore my credibility.
But here, John is able to write about Christ as undisputable fact. He can truthfully say, we saw Him bodily before His death. We watched Him die on the cross. We saw Him buried. Then He arose, and we saw Him, listened to Him, and touched Him.
John’s contemporaries couldn’t dispute this message. John didn’t die a discredited fool, nor did the hundreds of others who attested to having seen Christ crucified and resurrected.
As the study of 1 John 1 continues here daily, we will learn more about this all-important message that God wants us all to know and understand.

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