What you are, & what you’re not

You are not homo sapiens.  You are not a primate.  You are not a species in an animal kingdom.  You are not related to any animals, nor are you descended from any animals. You did not evolve into what you are.

You are a special creation, made in the image and likeness of the all-knowing God by whom all things, including you, were made.  You, therefore, have an eternal soul and will exist somewhere forever.  You are accountable to the God who made you.  You were designed to be in a good and lovely relationship with Him that would be established in this life on earth and last forever.

But you are a sinner, which simply means that you were born living in rebellion against Him, with a nature bent toward seeking what you want instead of what pleases your Maker.  To have a relationship with Him does not require religiousness; it requires faith and trust in Him, and in what He has done for you to bring you to Himself.  He became a man like you, the man Christ Jesus.  He bore your sins as He died on the cross, absorbing all of the punishment your sins have earned.  Then He came alive again and still lives today.  By belief and trust in Him, you can be saved, your sins can be forgiven, and you can receive His everlasting love forever.

That’s who you are, and who you were made to be.

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