“Never be afraid to defend it”

“My friends,

When we study the Scriptures, we hear God speaking directly to us. The word of God, the truth of God, is more important than the words or opinions of men. All human thought must be subservient to God’s word. As long as His word is with us, He is with us. It is our continual protection. So, seek His word. Seek His wisdom. Seek His truth. And never be afraid to defend it, for ‘the truth shall make you free.’”

–The simple words of John Hus, updated to today’s language from 1414. Hus was persecuted and burned at the stake by the Roman Catholic church for being a priest who stood for the true gospel even before the days of Martin Luther, who in a way followed in his footsteps to lead a great reformation.

Tonight’s home fellowship Bible study, Lord-willing, will look deeply at the topic of “preparing for persecution,” as we are instructed to in 1 Peter 4:12-19.  Look for the audio recording of the study to be posted here afterward.

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