Audio sermons in English

Since this is a relatively new blog, I might have some new friends reading who might be interested in hearing some recordings of messages.  So over the next couple weeks, I plan on putting some links up to messages you can hear online. First, today’s installment is some of my favorites from preaching in English in American churches.  Hope you enjoy them if you have time to listen.

Always too soon to give up on God” from Luke 24

It’s the Word” a special double-length message on the condition of the “seeker” based church vs biblical church-planting

The Day God Punished His Son” – A narrative telling of the crucifixion and the gospel, from the perspective of the day of the cross as “the day that the Lord has made”

A Tale of Three Crosses” – Another gospel message looking at the two thieves who died alongside Jesus, and how everyone has the same choice to make about eternity.  What kind of thief are you?

Starting Right” an expository study of Daniel 1

Impossible is easy for God” an expository study of Daniel 2

More links will be posted in a few days, Lord-willing, including a study of the first 5 chapters of the book of Acts.

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