Considering it?

Considering a short-term mission trip, but just praying and praying and praying while you wait for a voice from heaven telling you that you should go?  You may be waiting for a voice you’re never going to hear.  But don’t think you have to wait for it.  God isn’t going to get angry with you for stepping out in faith in obedience to the Great Commission.

You don’t wait to “hear” from Him before you plan a vacation.  If you were unemployed, you wouldn’t wait to “hear” from Him before you accepted the offer of your dream job.  So don’t require Him to give you a special word of confirmation that you should go on mission with Him when you’re presented with the opportunity.  You already know He wants His people to share the gospel with all nations.  If He who opens a door no one can close, and closes a door no one can open, is opening, rather than closing, a door for you to give a week or a month of your time to proclaim Him to people who don’t already have what He gave you, then just do it.  If it turns out to be in opposition to His plan for your life, He will let you know somehow.

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