M-aude când Îl chem

That title of this post is a line from one of the Romanian songs we’ll worship with at tonight’s home fellowship, Lord-willing.  It means, “He hears me when I call Him.” We’ll be singing it only because it’s true.  You see, Lili leads our worship times with the guitar.  And as you probably know, if a guitarist’s finger is injured badly, as hers was in a freak accident on Monday evening, that person will not be able to play the instrument.  The fingers of the left hand have to apply significant pressure on the strings, or a chord cannot be played.

It looked yesterday like it would be at least days before she was healed enough to play.  We had our prayer circle pray, asking God to heal her finger so that we could have instrumental accompaniment for our worship at tonight’s and Sunday’s services.  And indeed, He did hear us all when we called on Him.  Lili and I were just marveling as we looked at the wound, or actually the lack of a bad wound, on her finger this afternoon.  “See? It’s healing so much faster than it should,” she said.

We just did a practice together of tonight’s three songs, and she was able to play the guitar for them, and to do so without the hindrance of pain.  Glory to God for this healing, and for how it will result in our ability to praise Him together in song tonight.  Thanks to all of you who prayed for this.  God still does miracles.  Do not make the mistake of pretending such things only happened in biblical times, and thus water down the faith of His people by your words.

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