Permeated by the Word

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly….”
–Colossians 3:16a

We can’t overdo our study of the word of God.  Never will there be a Christian who knows it too well for his own good.  Never will it be said of any of us, “If he just spent less time in the Bible and more time (doing whatever else), his life would go much better.”
If we want success in life and ministry, we must let the Lord’s word dwell in us richly.  Meditate on that sentence, piece by piece, for a moment:
“Let” — that means we have to allow it to happen.  God’s word is living and powerful, but we must submit to it, choosing to consume it and digest it, to be fully benefited by it.  We must be willing to put lesser things aside if we want to be truly affected by the Bible.
“the word of Christ” — not mere empty, pointless words like we might hear spewing forth from our own mouths; these words of the Bible are from Christ, our loving, all-knowing, all-wise Savior and Lord.
“dwell in you” — that means it isn’t supposed to be just an external influence on your character, thoughts, emotions, and deeds.  It is to live inside of you, penetrating and permeating your heart and mind and entire being, and bringing forth God’s vibrant life through you in all you are and all you do.
“richly” — The word is to dwell in us not scarcely, but in abundance.
Brothers and sisters, I ask you, how well permeated by the word of God are you?  How many times per day does it enter your thoughts?  How many decisions do you make day-to-day that are influenced by Scriptures the Spirit brings to mind?  How often do you meet someone and see him or her through eyes spiritually enlightened by the Scriptures?
This summer, be careful not to be satisfied with just a little bit of the word of God.  Let it dwell within you, and let it do so richly.  Be permeated by the word.

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