Make the most of your time

“For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes as far as the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” –Matthew 24:27

Today I was studying, for tomorrow’s home fellowship teaching, in the food court of our local shopping mall (it’s nice to live in one of the few cities of Romania that has one of those). I was inside, but there is an outside terrace area right out from the food court which is quite popular, because at those outdoor tables, smoking is allowed, and most young adults in Romania are taken with that particular vice.
Anyway, a storm was coming. The sky grew dark and it became so windy that the picnic umbrellas that are over each outdoor table were shaking violently. I watched in something of surprised amusement as no one was coming inside, even though an impending thunderstorm was obviously about to hit. There was thunder and lightning in the distance, but no one was leaving their place to come in out of the storm.
Then, suddenly, a bolt of lighting split the sky right above us with a boom of thunder that made even the people indoors jump a little. And instantly, 50 people at the tables outside jumped up, grabbed their trays and purses and other things and ran frantically for the door.
This is one of those “motion sensor” automatic doors. And for a moment, it malfunctioned, failing to open for them as they looked at those of us inside with panicked expressions. Finally, it did open and they fought for place among each other as they came in as fast as they could.
The Bible warns us that there is coming a day when Christ will come to the earth all of a sudden, being visible in the sky from east to west, and taking the world by storm. And though we will not know the day or hour, we can definitely see in our world the storm clouds gathering and the winds of the end times blowing. Are you aware, or are you going on about your life, living it for yourself instead of for the one who will judge you when He arrives? Those who do not already belong to Christ, upon His coming will find the doorway to safety closed for eternity, and those inside will see their anguished looks as they cry out for entry into a Kingdom of peace and light that they could have freely entered had they not refused the One who paid the ultimate price to secure for them a place in it.
But even the Body of Christ is too often filled with people who figure there will be plenty of time to live lives pleasing to our Savior later, as if His delay in coming to us will last forever.
That was the topic we looked at Sunday in church from Luke 12, and as God would have it, our Thursday study through 1 Peter is arriving tomorrow at a passage that covers the same topic. Be ready. Serve the Lord. You already spent enough time living for this world. Now live for the next.

Here’s Sunday’s message on Luke 12 – Get Ready.  “Get Ready for Christ’s return, and stay ready until He comes.”

Lord-willing, the upcoming Thursday message will also be posted here after tomorrow night.

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